Will Gareth Bale be a success at Real Madrid after his 91 million Euro move



After Real Madrid’s busy Transfer Market Summer they have finally secured the services of Welsh International Gareth Bale from Tottenham Hotspurs.  Tottenham did not want to lose  their main player, from the last 3 years, but Madrid’s offer of 91 million British Pounds made it irresistable. Many questions are now being asked by media and fans around the world about whether Gareth will live up to his $132 million price tag and not become a flop like his now former teammate Kaka now at Ac Milan in Italy. Players from around the world for example Bale’s former teammate Rafael Van Der Vart responded after the transfer by saying that he did not believe Bale was worth what Madrid paid for him, but congratulated him and wished him luck. Media around the world say that 91 million pounds is a large amount of money for a player that has not won any important club trophies or competed in a international tournament with his country. Considering that Bale has been a player that has competed at high level soocer for 3 years makes everyone think about wether Bale will have a successful career at the Santiago Bernabeu. Another fact that goes against Bale is that Madrid has had 4  british players in their history and all of them execept one have been able to adjust to life in Madrid and the pressure from the Media.  In my opinion I think Bale will not be a huge success mainly because of his young age, pressure from playing in one of the best soccer teams in the world, and because of the difference of culture between England and Spain.



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