Will the Iphone 5c be a success?

iphone-5c-big  Tim-Cook-unveils-iPhone-5C-Martin-Hajek-002



After Apple announced the release of the Iphone 5c on September 10 many questions have been asked if it will be a success or a flop. The Iphone 5c is meant to be by Apple a cheaper version of the Iphone 5s the difference being the Iphone 5c being made by Plastic and the Iphone 5s by Plastic. The Iphone 5c will cost $99.99 for the 16 gb version and $199.99 for the 32gb version and it will come in 5 colors Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and White. Apple believes that looking at how the world Economy is running currently Apple fans around the world in countries like India, Mexico, Brasil etc. people cannot afford the actual “fancy” Iphone you could say for example the 5s because it is too pricey. In the U.S. people might not have the same problem with spending money that other people in other countries have therefore, Apple   wants to keep on expanding as a company all over the world and be able to offer their product at a more affordable price to fans around the world. In my opinion I think this product will be a success because the Iphone 5c is basically the same thing as the Iphone 5s but with a couple minor differences and the major one being it is made out of Plastic, but a more affordable price. According to preorders it is estimated for Apple to sell 5 million Iphone 5c in the first week. Only time will tell if the Iphone 5c was a success but until then we will just keep on enjoying Apple magnificent products.


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