Will The Mexican Soccer National Team Qualify To Brazil 2014?

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The “King” of the Concacaf as one said, Mexico in one of its biggest crisis in its history and virtually out of the World Cup. After having played 8 matches in the process of 2 years in an effort for a ticket to Brazil 2014 the Mexican National team has only been able  to win 1 game tie 5 and 2 losses standing at fifth place in the table and currently out of the world cup. Mexico has now 2 games one home against and another away against Costa Rica, with the only that matters are wins in order to get a 3 place finish or a forth place finish and play New Zealand in a playoff match. The U.S. and Costa Rica have assured their ticket to Brazil after standing 1st and 2nd place and with 16 and 15 points respectively and impossible for any of the remaining 4 teams to catch up. The main question though is if Mexico can get the 2 wins after the negative results that the team have gotten recently and with the whole Country on the players backs pressuring them. The positive thing that has happened is Mexico has fired “Chepo” and hired Victor Vucethic as their new coach giving the players another mentality and hope for all of the fans of a what can be seen as a miracle after Mexico’s last poor performances. Mexico not being in the World Cup will not only affect the competition,  but mostly the whole World because , Mexican jerseys are one of  the most sold world wide. Also Mexico is one of the Countries that carries the most fans around the World boosting the economy in this occasion Brazil. Not only do the Mexican fans want to see their team on the World Cup, but all the of the economists around the World after seeing what Mexico can provide financially. To conclude, now it is all up to the players and staff to get 2 wins qualifying themselves to the World Cup and giving all of those passionate fans a good display and showing their true potential.


2 responses to “Will The Mexican Soccer National Team Qualify To Brazil 2014?

  1. So if the Mexican national team fails to make the World Cup, what needs to be done in the future to bring them back to the world as a soccer/futbol powerhouse?

    • Well Mexico has the talent to be a contender for the World Cup. In 2011 the Mexican Youth 17 team won the world cup and the Youth 20 got 3rd place in its respective World Cup. The talent is there, but we need qualified people who put the team first instead of the money that the National teams when it travels around the world. That is the main thing that should be done.

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