Will the Mexican Soccer National beat Costa Rica in the final game and qualify to the World Cup?

On tuesday October 15, the Mexican Soccer National team will clash against Costa Rica in the last game of the 2014 Brazil Qualifiers and hope for a win to have chances of making the World Cup. Mexico will have to beat Costa Rica and wait for Honduras to lose against Jamaica to secure a direct ticket to the World Cup. If Mexico does not get the victory  they would have to play a playoff game against New Zealand for a final chance of being in the World Cup. In worst case scenario if Mexico loses against Costa Rica, and Panama beats the U.S. at their home stadium they would get eliminated from any chance of making the World Cup. Mexico has good news though after having appointed Manuel Vucetich as the new coach and making  a new team, Mexico beat Panama at Home and played completely different compared to the former coach. In the other hand Costa Rica after having qualified for the World Cup 2 rounds ago come with a loss against Honduras, and with the hunger of finishing with a win in front of their home crowd. Now it is up to the Mexican National win to pick up a win away and wait for Honduras to lose. Will Mexico do it? we will find out. 




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