Why offering undocumented immigrants in Illinois driver’s licenses be a huge success?



Starting November 12, 2013 undocumented drivers living in  Illinois will be able to apply for a driver’s license making them able to legally drive a car like any other U.S citizen. The requirement is simple the person must have lived in Illinois for at least a year and should have a clean criminal record. Many immigrants living in Illinois have been living in Illinois for many years even decades, they pay taxes and have a criminal record, but every time they get stopped by an officer they have to pay huge sums of money in tickets because of driving without a license. Most immigrants come to the U.S to work and have a better life and sometimes are examples for people citizens because of their hard working spirit and their humbleness as people. Offering Driver’s Licenses will not only benefit those people, but also the Illinois and U.S economy because the expected 250,000 people to apply for a license will have to pay a $40 dollar fee to get their license. Another benefit to the economy is every immigrant that receives a license will start buying new and used cars and paying all the fees including insurance that involve owning a vehicle. Even though many immigrants are living in Illinois illegally it is hard to think that it took the government a long time to offer something simple like drivers licenses to immigrants specially during the time that the U.S economy is not at its best. Offering driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants will be a huge success to the U.S specially the economy. 


One response to “Why offering undocumented immigrants in Illinois driver’s licenses be a huge success?

  1. Great post and very relevant topic. You definitely hit on some solid dynamics with respect to this issue. Honest, hard-working people definitely deserve a chance to make their lives better in the U.S.

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