DIfferent Countries around the world banning the use of Animals in circus’s



When people think of Circus’s they think of fun and excitement watching the different kinds of animals, clowns etc perform different kind of acrobatic moves, but what they don’t know is the suffering the animals go through in the process of learning moves and traveling to different places. For example, Tigers, Lions , and other wild cats are kept in small cramped cages and are severely hit with whips forcing them to learn what the trainers want them to learn. Elephants are chained from their legs and kept in rooms for more than 24 hours without feeding them making the elephants weak and easier for trainers to teach them what they want to teach them. Elephants are also shocked in their intestines if they not obey what the trainers ask them to do. When traveling to other places Elephants are kept in poor condition rooms exposing them to heavy heat or cold depending on the area traveling. Many countries in Europe like Greece, Sweden, Switzerland have banned the use of animals in circus’s and making the circus owners return the animals to their respective habitats. People in the U.S. and other countries want to continue that and are making organizations encouraging people to stop going to circus’s. Even though everyone enjoys going to circus’s and watching the animals, we should all care for those living creatures and stop going to circus’s in a protest to get circus’s to stop using animals.


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